Limiting your basement to just storing your unwanted furniture, is actually neglecting the full potential of your home. At BRU Developments LTD we have effectively transformed many basements into valuable living spaces. Our team of experts and technicians help our customers get introduced to an array of possibilities to make your basement more valuable and useable. For basements, we start by addressing the issue of moisture accumulation, lack of ventilation and then continue with the basics of basement renovation.

Whether you are in need of an extra space for your children, or more rooms to host parties in the basement, all you need is to contact our team of experts at BRU Developments LTD and state your requirements, then watch as we transform your basement into an attractive living space. For basement renovations, our team is aware of the legal requirements of the area for safety aspects. Our services is quite affordable and our quality of work is commendable.

We understand that every client has different requirements. You may have your own personal ideas of remodelling your basement, but it can be transformed into realistic solutions, that meet your needs in the most suitable manner. It is no wonder that our customers have shown great satisfaction in every one of our basement renovations. As a basement renovation company, we have transformed several basements into attractive living spaces while still maintaining the budgets of our clients.

Most individuals assume that the basement is outside the scope of the house and make little or no effort to turn them into amazing areas of living space. Whether you need a separate space for your guests or you are ready to turn your basement into a special area, BRU Developments LTD is here to satisfy your needs. Our value-added services not only makes your basement attractive but also gives the homeowners the opportunity to increase the value of their home.

Here at the Bru developments Ltd, our basement group comprises of designers, licensed contractors, installers and a personal project supervisor. We are trained to adhere to proper building codes and proper construction methods. We ensure that the external construction of your under grade area is structurally sound, dry and totally free of moisture. Which is the fundamental step in any basement transformation. From walls to flooring, ceilings and carpets,BRU Developments LTD provides different ideas to transform your basement into a valuable living space. You will never regret choosing us.

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