The bathroom is one place in the house that treads a thin line between practical and luxurious. The bathroom needs to store all the toiletries of a whole household, yet it is still that unique place, in which you can do away with all your troubles in a relaxing bath. This is really a difficult balance, and due to this, bathrooms can be sometimes tired and need a bit of renovation. As one of the most crucial rooms in the house, having a well-constructed and good quality bathroom is important for your total enjoyment and satisfaction. Whether you are bringing a single room to speed, or you are renovating the whole house, BRU Developments LTD has got what it takes to help you make your house a home.

At BRU Developments LTD, attention is greatly focused on the bathroom, due to its status as a place of revitalization and a place to pause, retreat and think. However, the 21st century bathrooms have become a living space. The initial concept of the bathroom has evolved into a spa-like approach, modular product and amazing technology. People are now looking for bathroom designs that meet their personal specifications, individual spaces and outstanding experiences. Customers are seeking bathrooms that are pleasing and at the same time, long lasting.

BRU Developments LTD has been in the business of renovating bathrooms for over 10 years. We have gathered a tremendous amount of experience renovating hundreds of bathrooms. We remodel powder rooms, master unsuited bathrooms, main bathrooms and basement bathrooms. Here at BRU Developments LTD, we render complete renovation services. We also provide extra bathroom features, which include heated floors, glass showers and tub to shower conversions.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Tubs and showers
  • Custom bathroom designs / vanities
  • Laminate installation
  • Flooring, backsplash as well as tub surround tiling
  • Painting and much more!

Luckily, you do not need to overhaul your bathroom. A few touch ups and easy updates from experts can create the difference without going beyond your budget. At BRU Developments LTD, our top renovation skills are sure to revitalize and breathe some life into your bathrooms. What are you waiting for?

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